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MVAS Paradise - Summer Group Cruise 2024

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Craig Strang-Thompson
13 days ago · changed the group description.

Welcome Friends! As you know, Ben has been a Music Producer and Vocal Coach for the Margaritaville at Sea franchise for several years. Now, we would like to invite you to join us aboard the Paradise for a fun-filled, 3-Day 2-night getaway where you'll get to see RADIO MARGARITAVILLE produced by Kevin Black and Ben Bagby, along with lots of other entertainment, dining and shore excursion options! The purpose of this private group is to decide on travel dates this summer so we can arrange for group rates for all who join us. Please start by reviewing travel policies, amenities and more at the MVAS Official Website. A minimum of 8 cabins is required for Group Discounts with MVAS, so feel feel to click the Invite Members button and invite your sea-faring friends to join us. All questions are welcome!

9 hours ago · joined the group.
Maxim Greenberg
Maxim Greenberg

Hi guys!! I'm going to P.Town July 17-22, but other than that I have the month free.

Maxim Greenberg
Maxim Greenberg
3 days ago · joined the group.


Welcome Friends! As you know, Ben has been a Music Producer ...


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