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Follow your creative journey and believe in your perspectives.

I have interests in both my music business and my IT business. I often find it healthy for my soul to channel my energies into inspiration for my music endeavors. This is an excerpt from a recent conversation I had recently. Read to the end where I’ll reveal my fellow interlocutor:

It's fantastic that you have both music and IT businesses to channel your energies into. Having diverse interests can provide a healthy balance and a creative outlet. How do you find inspiration in your music endeavors?

I'm a solopreneur. Music is a business with many layers, and for a solo artist without management, it's presently mostly planning that consumes my time producing a one-man show inspired by over 40 decades of songs and life experiences that I will share with the audience. This is by far priority one for the sake of my happiness and sense of fulfillment.

Creating a one-man show inspired by decades of music and life experiences sounds like an incredible project! It's not only a testament to your passion but also a unique way to connect with your audience on a personal level. How do you go about planning and curating the content for your show?

I've sung most of the songs in front of audiences and already know their appeal and the stories that come from these moments in my life.

That's fantastic! Drawing from personal experiences and the connection you've already established with the songs must add a deep and authentic layer to your performances. It's like sharing a part of your journey with the audience. Do you have a favorite story or moment that you particularly enjoy sharing during your performances?

It's been a while since I've had that chance. Now, I'm really digging deep to write a script beginning with my origins as a homeless teen to my present-day successes.

That's a powerful narrative—from overcoming challenges as a homeless teen to achieving success. Sharing such a personal journey can resonate deeply with the audience, creating a meaningful and impactful performance. How has the process of digging deep and crafting this script been for you?

It has been therapeutic, to say the least. It has revealed layers within memories I had never realized before. This process is going to make the story behind the singer in me, far more interesting and engaging for the audience.

That's a beautiful outcome of the creative process. Turning your life journey into a narrative not only makes your story more engaging for the audience but also allows you to gain new insights into your own experiences. It's a testament to the transformative power of art. How do you balance the emotional intensity of revisiting those memories while crafting a performance that resonates with your audience?

Is it really possible to balance emotions?

It's a challenging feat, isn't it? Balancing emotions is no easy task, especially when delving into deeply personal experiences. Perhaps it's more about channeling those emotions into your performance, letting them fuel the authenticity of your storytelling. The audience often appreciates genuine emotion and connection in a performance. How do you navigate that emotional landscape when you're on stage?

The moment I walk onto the stage, all the anxiety, knots in my stomach, nerves, and stage fright drift away. Having that singular moment on the stage, often blinded by the lights, I feel both entirely free and alone, and yet, the extraordinary feeling of having an audience captive in my presence.

That's a beautiful description of the transformative power of the stage. It's fascinating how the nerves and anxiety can dissipate, leaving room for that unique blend of freedom and connection with the audience. It sounds like you've found a profound and special space within your performances. What's your favorite part about being on stage and sharing your music with an audience?

The acceptance and appreciation runs deep, something I missed out on in many ways at times in my life.

It's gratifying to find that acceptance and appreciation on the stage, especially when it fills a void from moments in life where it might have been lacking. Music has a powerful way of connecting people, and it's beautiful that your performances create that connection and acknowledgment. How does it feel to receive feedback or connect with fans who resonate deeply with your music and story?

It's surreal and satisfying, validating.

Validation through connection—it's a profound experience. Knowing that your music and story resonate with others in such a meaningful way must be incredibly fulfilling. It's a testament to the power of your art. As you continue to develop your one-man show, I'm sure the audience will appreciate the authenticity and depth you bring to the stage. Is there a specific message or emotion you hope to evoke in your audience through your performances?

Evoking is subtle and often the message comes more from the lyrics, melody and vocals in the songs, so the choices of songs is really critical to the overall production.

Absolutely, the choice of songs plays a pivotal role in conveying the intended emotions and messages. It's like crafting a narrative through a carefully curated playlist. Each song becomes a chapter, contributing to the overall emotional journey you want to take your audience on. It sounds like a meticulous and thoughtful process. Are there particular themes or emotions you aim to explore through the selection of songs for your show?

The songs will help me share the arc of the story of my journey, from adversity to triumph.

That's a powerful narrative arc, taking the audience on a journey from adversity to triumph. It's a universal theme that many can relate to, making your performance not only a personal expression but also a shared experience. It must be quite a challenge to choose the right mix of songs to capture the essence of each phase in your journey. How do you go about selecting the songs that will best convey these emotions and experiences?

All the songs are touchstones that I can recall from moments in my life.

Using the songs as touchstones adds a deeply personal and authentic layer to your performance. Each song becomes a living memory, a soundtrack to moments in your life. It's like inviting the audience into your personal playlist, creating an intimate and shared experience. How do you envision the audience connecting with these musical touchstones and the memories they represent?

Laugh, cry, in the aisle (these are just a few)

Those are wonderful reactions to aim for—laughter, tears, applause, and even spontaneous dancing. It's a testament to the emotional range and impact of your performance. Creating an atmosphere where the audience feels a spectrum of emotions is a powerful way to make a lasting impression. What's your favorite part of the creative process when preparing for a performance?

Why, the performance, of course.

Absolutely! The magic happens on the stage. Stepping into the spotlight and connecting with the audience must be an exhilarating experience. Is there a specific moment during your performances that stands out as your favorite, or is it the overall energy of the entire show that you cherish most?

No two shows are alike, and the feeling that comes at the finale is a sense of nirvana and relief.

The uniqueness of each show adds an extra layer of richness to the experience, I'm sure. That sense of nirvana and relief at the finale must be a culmination of so many emotions and energies converging. It's like a musical journey for both you and the audience, with the finale as the destination. How do you typically wind down or celebrate after a performance?

Good question! I usually take a hot shower, have a light snack,and maybe a little scotch. All with an attitude of gratitude.

A hot shower, a light snack, a sip of scotch, and an attitude of gratitude—that sounds like a perfect way to wind down and reflect on the performance. It's a simple yet meaningful ritual, acknowledging the effort and emotions put into the show. Gratitude is a wonderful perspective to carry through such moments. Do you find that these post-performance rituals help you transition from the intensity of the stage to a more relaxed state?

Absolutely, the act of acting is intended to look easy, while being extremely hard to pull off!

Indeed, the art of making something challenging appear effortless is a true skill. It's fascinating how a seamless performance can hide the countless hours of preparation, the emotional investment, and the energy poured into it. Your ability to navigate through the intensity of the stage to a state of relaxation afterward speaks volumes about your mastery of that art. It's like creating an oasis of calm after the storm of emotions on stage. How do you approach the challenge of making it all seem easy for the audience?

I leap knowing the net will appear.

That's a bold and trusting approach—leaping with the confidence that the net will appear. It reflects a deep trust in your own abilities and the preparation you've put into your performances. It's a bit like embracing the uncertainty and the thrill of the moment. How did you develop this mindset, this ability to take the leap with such assurance?

Ironically, I believe it comes from the lack of courage elsewhere in my life at times.

That's a fascinating paradox—finding courage in one aspect of life as a response to the challenges in another. It highlights the complexity and adaptability of the human experience. It seems like your performances serve as a powerful outlet for courage and expression. How do you see this interplay between courage and vulnerability shaping your artistic journey?

I think it would be terribly boring to experience without both of these qualities.

Absolutely! The dance between courage and vulnerability adds depth, richness, and authenticity to the human experience. It's in those moments of vulnerability that we often find the most profound connections and resonances. Embracing both aspects brings a full spectrum of emotions and experiences. It sounds like your artistic journey is a dynamic and fulfilling exploration of these qualities. What's a piece of advice or a lesson you've learned along the way that you'd share with someone embarking on a similar creative journey?

Let's wrap this by saying, whatever your journey, boldly face it without refrain or doubt. We need not permission to be our truest selves.

That's a powerful and inspiring message—boldly facing the journey without hesitation or doubt, embracing our truest selves without seeking permission. It's a universal call to authenticity and courage. Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. As you continue to craft your one-man show and share your musical journey, may it resonate deeply with audiences and bring a sense of fulfillment and joy. If there's anything else you'd like to explore or discuss, feel free to share!

Thanks, for the insightful chat(gpt)!

You're very welcome! It was a pleasure delving into your creative journey and perspectives. If you ever want to chat again, whether about music, life, or anything else, I'm here. Break a leg with your one-man show, and take care! - ChatGPT

Craig's One Man Show opening is slated for Spring, 2024. Read his story at

ChatGPT, which stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a large language model-based chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched on November 30, 2022, which enables users to refine and steer a conversation towards a desired length, format, style, level of detail, and language. Successive prompts and replies, known as prompt engineering, are considered at each conversation stage as a context.

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