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EASICOMM is a full service IT agency with services to meet your every need.


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With our extensive supplier portfolio available though our Master Agency parnerships with Technology Consulting Group and Telarus, we can guarantee that your business needs will be met. Engineering teams from every corner of the markeplace are equipped to assist in every real-world situation you can think of. The telecommunications industry can be bewildering at best so with EASICOMM as your liaison, you no longer need to feel frustrated or overwhelmed about your network, its problems or its cost. We will help unravel the telecommunications puzzle so you can run your business with peace of mind. We only partner with and represent best in class Carriers. We will assist your company in selecting a carrier that is a good technological fit for your needs. With over 150 different carriers in our line card, we provide enterprise level products and solutions for small, medium and large sized businesses. Our team allows you to focus on running your business. In today's constantly changing telecommunications industry it helps to have a company working for you and looking out for your best interests. As we say at EASICOMM...take I.T. EASI. Leave the technology to us.


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EASICOMM is a Wix Expert Partner Agency that offers affordable, practical Website design solutions to meet almost any budget. We can create and maintain your online calling card suited to meet your growing demands! We also partner with expert WordPress Designers and expert Graphics Designers to meet your every design aesthetic. Our Social Media consulting services apply state-of-the-art socially engineered technologies along with the best US-based content experts in the field. The result is proven social media strategies that boost and elevate your digital presence. In an era where your neighbors and competitors are already in the digital marketing revolution, let EASICOMM help you COMPETE and WIN on the same field with online methods that are more effective than print, TV, or radio.—all at a price that you can afford. Knowing what, how, and when to post can be difficult and time-consuming. Our social media team is the solution for your business. Compelling content makes your business shine above the rest. When a customer is in doubt, they choose the business that knows the most. By sharing expert content on social media, your business is positioned as an authority in your field. Engaging on social media is now the number one thing to do on the web. Ask how you can get your Social Media campaign started for less than $10 per day! No long-term contracts! Case study:  Wix vs Shopify vs WordPress

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

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Entrust your Company's IT needs to this Veteran-owned and operated firm built on integrity. Our free on-site consult with a for-hire Chief Technology Officer (CTO) allows you to address all of your I.T. concerns. Allow EASICOMM to manage technical issues and implement technologies to repair and improve your ROI. We take your needs into serious consideration and apply affordable problem-solving methods, design, development, and technology. We enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your business through a detailed analysis and strategic, tactical, and operational approaches.  EASICOMM pays critical attention to providing your staff with problem-solving tasks and offers technical aids and training to improve productivity. Under our advisement, we offer advanced applications that enhance the integration of your systems to create efficiency. 


We pride ourselves on our ability to interact with you and your staff to meet your present needs while providing an advisory role that gives you an awareness of future technological and organizational opportunities. EASICOMM offers a humanistic approach that bridges the gap between your business and the evolution of new information technology-based services! Call now for a free no-obligation on-site consultation.

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Managed Services is a vital solution to any business operating on a Break / Fix model where you break it, and someone fixes it. MSP keeps your Workstations, Exchange and File Servers up, secure and running at peak performance at all times. By avoiding reactionary Break /Fix behaviors we go the extra mile to proactively monitor and manage critical IT functions throughout your network infrastructure. Trained Engineers fix ongoing SMALL issues before they become BIG problems that could shut your business down and affect your bottom line. 24/7 Remote Support and on-site services are offered at a reasonable hourly rate. Automated Server and Workstations agents monitor, test, categorize event log errors as critical or non-critical and notify the appropriate team for resolution and escalate critical errors such as hard drive failure notifications via email and a personal phone call within 15 minutes to designated staff.  Services include Corporate Spyware/Antivirus Desktop License & Monitoriing, Workstation Data Collection, Temp File Deletion, Microsoft Patch Assessment, S.M.A.R.T Check, 24/7 Event log monitoring and notification escalation, Critical services monitoring



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Our Online Backup Manager will backup your entire enterprise and anything in it. Windows, Linux, Mac, Exchange, MySQL, Virtual Servers, Oracle and Domino. All data is compressed and encrypted prior to transmitting over secure SSL connection. Get up and running 90% faster with Onsite Backup. Endlessly dumping data into the cloud isn’t a strategy and unlimited anything is simply a sales tactic. Feature Include HIPAA Compliant, 95% cheaper than Acronis©, 82% cheaper than Carbonite©, 256-Bit Encryption, Redundant Storage, SSL Transmission, Exchange / SQL Included, US-based Support and 32 Languages Supported. Through a channel partnership with U.S. based Data Recovery Advisors at DRIVESAVERS, we are standing by 24/7 offering the fastest standard turnaround time in the industry. Completed during normal business hours. When you need data recovery for your Desktops and Laptops, RAID / NAS / SAN, floppy disk or USB drive, Digital Camera Cards, Computer Tapes, Smartphones, iPads or Tablets our engineers are standing by with free shipping and free evaluation of your drive. If we recover no data, there's absolutely no charge! Click here to get started.


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It's remarkable the pace at which technology changes. We realize that operating your business is your top priority. Fortunately, outsourcing an IT service provider that helps keep your operation in top performance is possible. Client Success is our Top Priority! We research potential IT service providers. Call their references and ask them about their client success model. We are successful when you are successful. 

When choosing an IT company, ask yourself: How long has the company been in business? Are they partnered with industry professionals and engineering support beneficial to your business? What is their client retention rate? What is their average response time?  We believe that the key to a successful relationship with IT pros means that they can provide the necessary support and technology as your needs grow. Smaller firms that leverage channel partner programs to deliver cutting edge technologies and support services when you need them are ideal.

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