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Remote Support Request

  1. Enter Session ID

  2. Click Connect

  3. Enter Your Name

  4. Download File

  5. Click Open or Run

  6. Agree to Security Prompts

Disclaimer: This site provides the ability for EASICOMM, provider of IT Consulting and Web Design services, to remotely access your device significantly enhances our ability to resolve your technical problem quickly. You understand that by requesting such assistance you are providing EASICOMM with access to and control of your device. 

In doing so, you could be providing us with access to files that reside on your computer. Therefore, you accept responsibility for any changes made to the desktop content or system settings. By accepting these terms and conditions you acknowledge that remote intervention may in some cases cause data and/or software corruption on your computer. Therefore, EASICOMM recommends that you back-up the data from your computer before accepting remote technical support. If you do not back up your data, you risk the irretrievable loss of such data to which EASICOMM will not be liable for any loss of data or extra costs incurred from 3rd parties, regardless of the cause.

After installing the ZOHO client program, it will be possible to create a secure and encrypted channel, which connects the EASICOMM to your computer. This channel can be interrupted any time by any of the communicating parties (by you or EASICOMM. We warn you that if you interrupt the communication during the session, it may cause your computer to malfunction

EASICOMM will maintain the utmost care during our remote session however, the possibility of material or non-material damages, in connection with remote technical assistance, cannot be ruled out completely. Such damage may result from the failure of the connection between your computer and us, the compounding effects of computer infiltrations, software, hardware, and other factors.

By entering into to this remote session, I grant permission to EASICOMM to perform any action deemed reasonably necessary in an attempt to address my concerns. Furthermore, I release EASICOMM from any liability for any data loss which may occur, or component failures occurring during attempted repair, testing, or at any other time. EASICOMM is not responsible for the loss of profit or any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damage occurring during or after computer service. 

I release EASICOMM from liability associated with any hardware, diskettes, or other media in connection with this waiver. all claims for liability and/or loss including without limitation any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages which may occur as a result of any repair action (or inaction) are hereby expressly waived.

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