Privately owned real estate investment, development, redevelopment and asset management firm with headquarters in Miami, Florida.


Proudly serving Afscme Locals 199, 1184, 1363 and 1542.

Miami Dade County Approved Vendor

Miami Dade County Approved Vendor

Jay B. Fine, MD

Jay B. Fine, MD. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Confesa USA

Confesa USA 33 Downtown

Treece Financial Group

Treece Financial Group

Barbara Buxton, PA

Law Offices of Barbara Buxton - Customized Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation.

Old Florida Title

Old Florida Title Stephan L. Cohen, PA

Chiki Buttah

Hand crafted, organic sustainably sourced skin care products from nature handmade with love in Austin, Texas. USA.

Bill Bridgman, Author

Bill Bridgman, Author of "Restoring the Consent of the Governed"

Alex Hiam, Author

Alex Hiam, Author of teen fantasy fiction novels.

Bob Feldman

Bob Feldman Singer, Songwriter, Author and founding member of THE STRANGELOVES.

Nora June Designs

Nora June Designs - Featuring timeless, comfortable high fashion, costumes, props and accessories. for the performance artist.

Global Glass

Professional and Reliable Commercial Glass serving the San Francisco Bay area and locations throughout the Western US.

Pembroke Pines Jewish Center

Pembroke Pines Jewish Center - Modern Judaism n the heart of Century Village, Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA.

Queensfort Capital Corporation

Queensfort Capital Merchant Bank

Grand Beach Apartments

Grand Beach Apartments

Lake House Apartments

Lake House Apartments


Itex - Small Business Community and Barter Network

Jay B. Fine, MD

Matthew Estevez, PA