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Harmony from Adversity: My Remarkable Journey

I was born the youngest of three sons to Barbara Ann Strang and Clark Stuart Thompson, Sr.. Several years after the tragic death of her first-born due to SIDS, my heartbroken, divorced Mother took her surviving boys and faced a future mired in alcoholism, single parenthood, an absentee father, and the harsh reality of raising two kids in abject childhood poverty. In her haste, in hopes for a better life, my mother took refuge in the arms of a lifelong alcoholic and abuser whose nightly rounds of physical and emotional terror proved too much for me to bear.

After enduring years of unimaginable horror at the hands of this monster, what followed from the fading, impoverished steel city neighborhoods along the shores of the Allegheny River in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA, was my entry onto the streets by age ten.


I fought to escape alcoholism-fueled domestic violence, only to face the cruel, cold grip of pre-teenage homelessness. But I was not destined to be defined by my circumstances; instead, I embarked on an extraordinary voyage that took me from the depths of despair to the heights of achievement, touching countless others along the way.

My story of resilience and determination is one that I pray inspires hope and underscores the transformative power of the human spirit. It is a story that you, as an audience, have the opportunity to celebrate, support, and share with others.

Act I: Finding a Lifeline in the US Navy

Craig Strang-Thompson BootCamp Graduation Photo
Seaman Apprentice Rating Badge
Seaman Rating Badge
Fireman Rating Badge
GSE3 Rating Badge
GSE2 Rating Badge

After the turmoil of nearly seven years of homelessness and uncertainty, I made a bold choice that would change the course of my life forever. Buoyed by my older brother Clark Jr.'s encouragement, who had long since escaped an equally tumultuous experience at home and became a ranking Naval Petty Officer and Submariner, I enlisted in the United States Navy, seeking stability, structure, and a sense of purpose.

The Navy gave me the tools to rebuild my life by instilling discipline, responsibility, and an unwavering commitment to service and country. As I honed my skills and entered manhood, I rediscovered my profound love for music that began in grade school playing the alto horn, baritone, tuba, and even the fife. I first nurtured my vocal talents while performing in the BlueJackets choir during recruit training at Naval Training Center (NTC), in Orlando Florida.

Just before graduation from boot camp, I was hand-selected by the commissioning commanding officer, Comdr. Leonard O. Wahlig, and became a plank owner and commissioning helmsman of my first ship, an Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate, the USS Klakring, FFG-42. 

As the 3700-ton warship launched from Bath Iron Works into Maine's Kennebec River on its commissioning day on August 20, 1983, I had long since set a course of action that placed me at the wheel of one of the Navy's most powerful warships. With a steely-eyed ambition, I navigated the Klakring and her crew downriver with skill and precision; alongside the very Captain who chose me for his crew. Onward on our maiden voyage toward the Atlantic Ocean, I peered into the horizon and discovered my soul's internal compass; and within it came a preview of my life's direction to come.

In the year that followed, I worked as an apprentice in the propulsion and electrical engineering departments where I was granted a promotion to Gas Turbine Systems Technician – Electrical engineering school at Great Lakes Naval Station, IL.. I excelled and mastered the US Navy's powerful LM2500 Dual Gas-Turbine System by General Electric, a computer-controlled propulsion plant with engines similar to those found on the Air Force C-5A strategic transport, installed in the belly of this guided missile frigate.

I also became a highly skilled, sought-after, and combat-trained power plant operator wielding control over four Stewart Stevenson Diesel Generators. Under my watch, I delivered as much as 1.5 million watts of mission-critical at-sea electrical power while serving aboard subsequent deployments throughout the Atlantic, North Atlantic, Caribbean, and Mediterranean seas aboard the USS Halyburton, FFG-40, and the USS McInerney, FFG-8; also Perry Class Frigates. The arc of Naval training I received gave me skills and unforgettable experiences that took me from the heights of the ship's bridge to the depths of engineering where I achieved high-ranking commendations and praise. 

In my six-year tour, I traversed seemingly endless miles of ocean where duty to country was my purpose and music became my solace.  Deep in the isolation of the ship's steely vestibules and echo chambers with their natural reverb, I found my voice and within it, my musical inspiration from the harmonics of the whirring engines.

In solitude I honed my vocal instrument, belting out notes deep in the belly of the ship's loud machinery rooms, where my developing voice was heard only by myself. From the most unexpected of places, my dreams fulfilled would follow.


Little did I realize, that one day those experiences would become the key to connecting with others in incredibly profound ways, with a passion that would become the cornerstone of my life's work.

Act II: A 50-Year Techno-Musical Odyssey

With an honorable discharge from the Navy, I embarked further on my journey into the world of music. I was granted a show choir scholarship at Trident Technical College, where I was uniquely equipped to stimulate my natural love for engineering and music.


While working part-time in the campus computer lab, and as a bench repair technician for a local security product manufacturer, I studied musical theory and trained with the industry's top visiting vocal coaches and choreographers from NYC to LA.


I toured for the first time as a principal singer and dancer throughout the Southeastern United States performing for audiences large and small in the "Sounds Of Trident".

During my studies, I worked tirelessly as a college student to make ends meet. My determination and talent did not go unnoticed and opened doors that led to a lifelong career in the tech sector. Over the five decades that followed, I have remained a steadfast IT engineer and built a rewarding parallel career as a vocalist, musician, and producer.


I have spent these many years since touching the hearts of countless audiences delivering truly unique vocal arrangements and lyrics of my most treasured songs inspired by selections from two centuries of music spanning many genres.

Through the ups and downs of the music industry, I persevered and refined my craft. I embraced the challenges of making ends meet by always keeping one hand on the wheel of my technical background while continuing to leverage my talents by collaborating with other artists, exploring different genres, and even writing, composing, and producing my self-titled debut CD 'Serendipity', which remains an inspirational snapshot of my path, artistry and range of talent to this day.

My journey through the world of music has been a testament to my unwavering commitment to this enduring art form and my unshakeable belief in the transformative power of music.

Craig Strang
Craig Strang Serendipity CD Cover Art
Craig Strang Serendipity CD Cover Art

Act III: The Culmination - The Defining Moment

As my career flourished in both music and IT, and the story of my life unfolded in unimaginable ways, I dreamed of a masterpiece performance that would encapsulate my life's work. And so, I embarked on the ambitious journey of creating a production that would showcase my talent, my stories, and the indomitable spirit that has guided me through life's challenges.

Inspired by the music of Barry Manilow, "SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT" is a reflection of my remarkable journey from teenage homelessness to a celebrated musician and Navy veteran. May it serve as a beacon of hope for those facing adversity, a testament to the fact that with determination and support, one can overcome even the most daunting obstacles.

A Call to Action: Join me on my Journey

My journey is a testament to the power of resilience, the healing capacity of music, and the extraordinary achievements that are possible when one refuses to give up on their dreams.

Now, dear benevolent fans, I invite you to join me in supporting the production of this musical masterpiece. Your generous contribution will help bring this inspirational story to life on stage, allowing me to share my journey with my audiences, and to inspire countless others who may be facing their own trials.

Your Sponsorship will not only support the many aspects of the production from music charts, digital music and video production, as well as costumes, a portion of proceeds will also support programs such as Comic Relief US’ Red Nose Day that raise funds to end the cycle of child poverty and ensure a healthy future for all children and the Covenant House that provide opportunities and resources for homeless youth, helping them find their paths to their success.

Together, we can make a difference and ensure that this remarkable production continues to inspire and uplift for generations to come.

When you become a Sponsoring Producer in this campaign, you become a part of my story, helping to turn the pages of hope, resilience, and triumph. Join me on this extraordinary journey as we humbly celebrate my life, the soundtrack, and the message of unwavering perseverance and the beauty that can emerge from adversity.

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